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In FY 2019, total US government spending, federal, state, and local, is “guesstimated” to be $7.56 trillion.

US Total Government Spending Breakdown
in $2009 per capita

Most government outlays are spent in just a few functional areas: pensions, health care, education, defense, and welfare.

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Per Capita Total Government Spending
in the United States
Federal, State, and Local
  Fiscal Year 2019  

 Government Pensions   $4,341 / person   
 Government Health Care   + $5,151 / person   
 Government Education   + $3,415 / person   
 National Defense   + $2,880 / person   
 Government Welfare   + $1,374 / person   
 All Other Spending   + $5,682 / person   
 Total Government Spending   $22,886 / person   
 Federal Deficit   + $2,979 / person   
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Spending Key:
Total spending: 'guesstimated', as reported by the Office of Management and Budget and projected by


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