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Compare state and local debt for the 50 states against state growth and population.

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Comparison of State and Local Government Spending
in the United States
-5yr -1yr   Fiscal Year 2019  +1yr +4yr
Amounts in percent GDP

State State
State and
 Alabama3.63%8.23%11.87%$226.212.9%4.9 more
 Alaska12.76%6.03%18.78%$51.881.7%0.7 more
 Arizona4.46%10.90%15.36%$340.293.1%7.2 more
 Arkansas3.47%7.58%11.05%$132.172.8%3.0 more
 California5.29%10.92%16.20%$2,940.823.3%40.0 more
 Colorado4.44%8.80%13.25%$360.933.1%5.8 more
 Connecticut14.27%3.82%18.09%$291.872.9%3.6 more
 Delaware6.89%3.02%9.91%$77.522.7%1.0 more
 District of Columbia0.00%11.36%11.36%$143.703.2%0.7 more
 Florida3.33%8.80%12.12%$1,052.193.3%21.7 more
 Georgia2.24%8.48%10.72%$595.683.3%10.7 more
 Hawaii11.14%6.97%18.11%$94.453.1%1.4 more
 Idaho4.46%2.85%7.30%$74.563.0%1.8 more
 Illinois8.10%10.45%18.55%$874.832.8%12.7 more
 Indiana6.10%7.67%13.77%$378.063.0%6.7 more
 Iowa2.92%6.77%9.69%$195.742.8%3.2 more
 Kansas6.97%10.90%17.87%$166.452.7%2.9 more
 Kentucky7.47%9.78%17.25%$218.172.9%4.5 more
 Louisiana7.52%6.61%14.13%$249.552.5%4.7 more
 Maine6.98%4.88%11.87%$66.162.9%1.3 more
 Maryland7.46%6.40%13.86%$421.702.9%6.1 more
 Massachusetts14.48%3.38%17.86%$571.263.1%6.9 more
 Michigan6.55%6.20%12.75%$544.703.0%10.0 more
 Minnesota4.16%9.92%14.08%$370.502.9%5.7 more
 Mississippi6.04%5.87%11.91%$117.942.8%3.0 more
 Missouri5.70%7.69%13.39%$333.562.9%6.2 more
 Montana5.56%5.74%11.30%$49.632.7%1.1 more
 Nebraska1.82%10.74%12.56%$126.272.9%1.9 more
 Nevada1.83%16.79%18.61%$166.803.2%3.1 more
 New Hampshire8.37%2.93%11.31%$88.353.3%1.4 more
 New Jersey10.51%5.17%15.69%$645.512.9%9.1 more
 New Mexico7.51%7.53%15.05%$100.402.5%2.1 more
 New York8.55%14.97%23.53%$1,652.152.8%19.9 more
 North Carolina2.77%4.58%7.35%$579.653.0%10.5 more
 North Dakota5.51%10.30%15.81%$52.391.5%0.8 more
 Ohio4.93%7.48%12.41%$695.493.0%11.7 more
 Oklahoma4.32%5.25%9.57%$191.352.2%4.0 more
 Oregon5.14%7.19%12.33%$257.193.4%4.3 more
 Pennsylvania6.03%8.19%14.22%$799.532.9%12.8 more
 Rhode Island14.67%4.44%19.11%$63.972.9%1.1 more
 South Carolina8.03%11.15%19.18%$235.463.1%5.2 more
 South Dakota6.80%4.12%10.92%$53.053.0%0.9 more
 Tennessee1.71%8.98%10.69%$368.773.1%6.9 more
 Texas3.05%13.47%16.52%$1,744.992.7%29.1 more
 All states combined5.81%8.98%14.79%$21,003.103.1%330.4 more
 Utah3.52%5.61%9.13%$177.513.3%3.2 more
 Vermont6.35%2.89%9.24%$34.402.8%0.6 more
 Virginia5.50%7.26%12.76%$546.972.8%8.6 more
 Washington6.74%11.25%17.99%$535.583.5%7.7 more
 West Virginia9.56%4.78%14.34%$78.892.5%1.8 more
 Wisconsin7.52%-0.38%7.14%$342.542.9%5.8 more
 Wyoming1.72%2.86%4.57%$39.122.0%0.6 more
Notes: guesstimated1 budgeted estimated

1. "Guesstimated" by projecting the latest change in reported number forward to future years. GSP deviation from national GDP growth cut by 40% per year.

Data Sources:
State GDP Information
Federal: Fed. Budget: Hist. Tables 3.2, 5.1, 7.1
State and Local: State and Local Gov. Finances
'Guesstimated' by projecting the latest change in reported spending forward to future years

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Spending Data Sources

Spending data is from official government sources.

Gross Domestic Product data comes from US Bureau of Economic Analysis and

Detailed table of spending data sources here.

Federal spending data begins in 1792.

State and local spending data begins in 1820.

State and local spending data for individual states begins in 1957.

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Data Sources for 2019:

GDP, GO: GDP, GO Sources
Federal: Fed. Budget: Hist. Tables 3.2, 5.1, 7.1
State and Local: State and Local Gov. Finances
'Guesstimated' by projecting the latest change in reported spending forward to future years

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> data update schedule.

Federal Deficit, Receipts, Outlays Actuals for FY18

On October 15, 2018, the US Treasury reported in its Monthly Treasury Statement (and xls) for September that the federal deficit for FY 2018 ending September 30, 2018, was $779 billion. Here are the numbers, including total receipts, total outlays, and deficit compared with the numbers projected in the FY 2019 federal budget published in February 2018:

Federal Finances
FY 2018 Outcomes
Receipts $3,340$3,329
Deficit$833$779 now shows the new numbers for total FY 2018 total outlays and receipts on its Estimate vs. Actual page.

The Monthly Treasury Statement includes "Table 4: Receipts of the United States Government, September 2018 and Other Periods." This table of receipts by source is used for to post details of federal receipt actuals for FY 2018.

This FTS report on FY 18 actuals is a problem for because this site uses Historical Table 3.2--Outlays by Function and Subfunction from the Budget of the United States as its basic source for federal subfunction outlays. But the Monthly Treasury Statement only includes "Table 9. Summary of Receipts by Source, and Outlays by Function of the U.S. Government, September 2018 and Other Periods". Subfunction amounts don't get reported until the FY20 budget in February 2019. Until then estimates actual outlays by "subfunction" for FY 2018 by factoring subfunction budgeted amounts for FY18 by the ratio between relevant actual and budgeted "function" amounts where actual outlays by subfunction cannot be gleaned from the Monthly Treasury Statement.

Final detailed FY 2018 actuals will not appear on until the FY 2020 federal budget is published in February 2019 with the actual outlays for FY 2018 in Historical Table 3.2--Outlays by Function and Subfunction.

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